Monday, January 5, 2009

SAY what you MEAN & MEAN what you say!

I'm tired of people saying things to me and then a few weeks later saying something completely different. Make a decision and stick with it. Sometimes you just don't know how much it can hurt someone when you just keep changing your mind!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What set it off!

*All details have been changed to keep the true identities, and situations of the offences unknown

Well just the other day something happened that really ticked me off. And the harder I tried not to let it bother me the more it did. ESPECIALLY when I get this reaction when I tried to vent my feelings to my husband
"Who the freak cares?"
Well my first reaction is "Well apparently I do and you don't so whatever!"

The whole thing started over something really stupid. Someone I know was having a bad day and rather than dealing with it like a lot of us do, she got bailed out so she didn't have to face her life right then. Well if you can't deal with situations like the one that your in why the heck are you in it? But what bugs me about it is that I deal with my life and the stresses and disappointments that I have on my own, why should you be able to run away from them....Well after a big argument with my husband on the subject (and what the true meaning of "who the freak cares" means) we came to the conclusion that I am jealous that I can't escape the crap whole that my life is sometimes, and it just doesn't seem fair!

P.S. NEVER respond to someones feelings with a "Who the freak cares"